Welcome to NovaPans Australia!

We are the official Aussie distributor of NovaPans Handpans.

Having provided over 5000 of the world's handpans since 2016, NovaPans Handpans remains the number one brand for offering both entry to professional level handpans at a reasonable price.

We provide fast and FREE shipping of our handpans to anywhere in Australia!

You can also find our handpans at select Australian music retailers.

Free Hard Case!

Get a free Handpan Hard Case valued at 300 AUD with the purchase of any Generation 3 Handpan! Offer valid until June 10th.

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Why NovaPans Handpans?

Why NovaPans?

Because NovaPans delivers exceptional quality instruments at affordable prices!

Ever since we began selling in 2016, when the so-called pioneers of the handpan industry told everybody you had to spend a fortune to buy a handpan, wait months to even years to receive it, and then seek council from only their "original" makers with regards to how to play and (yes) even talk about it, we decided to form our own community.

Now 5000+ strong, NovaPans Handpans has served and continues to serve the undying demand for affordable yet nonetheless high quality handpans for all levels of playing!

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is FREE Australia-Wide! And FREE shipping on all Pre-Orders!

What are the differences between your handpans?

1. The all-round best handpan for price over quality, our Universal Handpans (Generation 4). We call them Universal because not only are the the most affordable, but they are the easiest to learn and play also. There is no exceptional technique needed to master a Gen 4 Handpan, the skill really comes in anything from a matter of minutes to a few hours.

2. The best there is for projection and intonation, our Performance or "Virtuoso" Handpans (Generation 3). These beautiful creations were made specifically for large space performances whether that be busking out in town, or performing on stage. The Generation 3s boast projection and control of intonation when playing loud.

3. Essential for meditation and stress-relief, The Sound Healing Handpan (Generation 7). The Gen 7s are notorious for their sound healing properties with their unearthly sustain and gorgeous sheen (thanks to them being made out of stainless steel). With the quality of sound you get on one of these Sound Healing Handpans, it makes you question the true value of a top quality handpan.

The Generation number is no reference to anything other than the order in which the handpan model was introduced to the store.

How soon can I get my order?

For Standard shipping expect to receive your handpan approximately 2 weeks after placing your order.

For Pre-Orders it can take from 3-4 weeks.

What is your return policy?

We offer a full refund guarantee on all orders for 30 days after you receive your handpan!

See our refund policy for more info.

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We proudly partner with Australian music retailers

Busselton Music - Busselton, WA

Penny Lane's Music Workshop - Fremantle, WA

Sound Centre - Morley, WA