many handpans, arranged

Which Handpan is For Me?

Our range of handpans here at NovaPans Australia gives you choice to find the perfect handpan for you, no matter if you'd like an instrument with more sustain, more projection, or just want to start playing. To help you figure out which handpan to choose we have created this brief summary below:

Starter Handpans - Generation 4

  • Best handpans for starting to play, all-round handpans
  • Most affordable of the range
  • Beautiful sound, quality nitrided steel construction, this handpan can last you your career playing

Sound Healing Handpans - Generation 7

  • Best handpans for stress-relief, sound healing, yoga or for use in other meditative practice
  • Ethereal sustain, brilliant reverberance, trancelike sound
  • Many special color options available

Performance Handpans - Generation 3

  • Best handpans for musicians, percussionists and performers
  • Largest sound of all the models, great projection and sustain
  • Anyone who wants to play live should choose this model

You can also hear David play all three handpan models in the video below. The handpans are Generations 3, 4 and 7 from left to right. 

We hope this will help you choose the handpan that is perfect for you. If you have any additional questions please contact us and we can advise you further. 


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