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432Hz Sound Healing Handpans - 9, 10 and 13 Note Generation 7s

432Hz Sound Healing Handpans - 9, 10 and 13 Note Generation 7s

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The Generation 7 - A Handpan for Sound Healing

Our most meditative and healing handpan. Made of stainless steel, there really is no better model of handpan to help you relieve stress or accompany your spiritual practice. The sustain on a Generation 7 is ethereal and out of this world and the reviews speak for it. If the naked gold Gen 7 isn't your fancy, then we have numerous other color-coated models of the same Generation 7 range available to choose from!

This model is tuned to 432Hz - a magical frequency for cultivating a sense of peace and connection to nature. 

If you're looking for something with more than 13 Notes (a mutant handpan) then we make these too - just contact us beforehand for a quotation - and we guarantee it'll be an unmatchable price!


Notes: 9 Notes, 10 Notes, 13 Notes

Colors: Various

Scales: D Kurd, C Pentatonic Major, F Kurd, E Halycon, Custom Scale

Frequencies: 432hz

Dimensions: 24 X 57 cm / 9.4 X 22.4 inches (height x diameter)

Steel: Stainless Steel

Bag: Softcase included.


Are you looking for a handpan with greater sustain for stress-relief, meditation or sound healing purposes? If so, then The Generation 7 by NovaPans Handpans is for you! This handpan is the most resembling of the original Hang Drum. We have all fallen subject to the magical allures of the handpan, be that from the various online videos or for those of us lucky enough, from an actual in-person performance itself. We created the Generation 7s out of stainless steel and heat-treated them to create a gold sheen that was even richer in-depth than that of the Generation 4. The sustain on our Generation 7s are out of this world which creates a powerful healing and relaxing sound. This is why most yogees, sound healers and meditation artists gravitate more towards our Generation 7s, but anyone seeking to relieve stress would find this model perfect.

A History of NovaPans Handpans:

All of NovaPans Handpans are hand-tuned and quality-checked by professionals from Europe and the USA who are situated in China and previously, in Vietnam and Ukraine. Instead of an underpriced handpan from China that hasn't met quality standards or an overpriced handpan from home whose price and availability is just laughable, NovaPans sits somewhere in the middle, making affordable handpans that meet quality requirements.

The combination of handpan production expertise where quality mass production is a reality allows NovaPans to not only create high-quality handpans, but to make them in quantity. Despite the widespread misinformation that you must spend thousands or wait months/years in order to even touch a quality handpan, this is just not true. NovaPans has sold well over 5000 handpans since 2016 and received the highest reviews on all platforms to reflect this. NovaPans continues to break the boundaries of how much we need to spend in order to get a quality musical instrument, or dare we say, a quality musical instrument we can at least get started on! We continue to prioritize our customers' financial, personalization, and range of selection needs first before anything else. 


☆ Every handpan may display signs of tuning marks to some extent which is a natural production trait considering that all of our handpans are hand-tuned. These are not scratches but in fact, very subtle indents and practically non-visible unless scrutinized.

☆ It is not uncommon to use an electronic tuner and notice a slight microtonal offset for any of your handpan notes. This is actually the case with all handpans and is not a reflection of quality in any way. No handpan which doesn't sound proportionally in tune within a 5-10 cents tuning threshold (which is noticeable by the human ear) does not pass our quality check and is returned for retuning.

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