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NovaPans Handpans: Beautiful Sound at an Affordable Price

Here at NovaPans Australia, we believe everyone deserves the chance to experience the magic of the handpan. That's why we're proud to partner with NovaPans Handpans, a leading UK handpan brand known for achieving the perfect balance of affordability and exceptional quality.

The combination of handpan production expertise where quality mass production is a reality allows NovaPans to not only create high-quality handpans, but to make them in quantity. Despite the widespread misinformation that you must spend thousands or wait months/years in order to even touch a quality handpan, this is just not true.

NovaPans has sold well over 5000 handpans since 2016 and received the highest reviews on all platforms to reflect this. NovaPans continues to break the boundaries of how much we need to spend in order to get a quality musical instrument, or dare we say, a quality musical instrument we can at least get started on! We continue to prioritize our customers' financial, personalization, and range of selection needs first before anything else. 

Read more about the differences between the handpans in our range or check out our entire collection! 

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